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Active topics Unanswered topics. You must or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. I took them to Joes show for their Bday in SF a few years back Thanx Vancouver hookup sites.

Name: Beverley

Years old: 48

Hi All indian girl website family shot was taken impromptu in strong sunlight notice we're all squintin' on our deck on our backyard It's beautiful. Jim FF I told you I had enough hair for the both of us When I decide to cut it it'd going to "Locks of Love" they take it and make wigs for little jb girls forum who have a top interracial dating websites that makes them bald I originally thought it was for children going through Chemo-Therapy but I found out different Lets see dem pictures Found an in my box from Todd.

He's sending pics via snail mail, which is fine, long as he doesn't "forget.

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John T, we are definitely starting to associate with a better class of people. A couple more pics and I might be tempted to post a picture in which I am actually visible. I enjoy free adult webcam site faces with names and personalities. Nice looking fam's, both. Some of you have seen the kids before, and some may have seen jb girls forum profile in the bench article, but here we are as a unit.

Nice to meecha!

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Great pictures folks just as long as John doesn't get any ideas about upgrading the dress code around here. It mustang sallies strip club take me forever to find one of my neckties in this place.

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Great lookin' bunch there davem :hey flatfloor how many Lauras does that make here now? Very nice pic of the whole family, Dave. How do you hot men app from pinching Stan's cheeks all the time? Thanks Dave, really terrific family, fire up that fireplace Son. Bud I don't know how many Lauras.

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As for your tie I think you left it on Sharon when you tied her to the hydrant outside the bar. Am I the onliest one can't see the pichers in this thread?

I can see the older ones, but not the more recent ones. Just little red Xs. Can't make'em open, no matter what. Everybody look same-same. Big people look like little white box with a red X. Kids look like a little white box with a little red X. Whole families look jb girls forum little white box with little red X. How I'm gonna tell anybody from everybody? Kelly, I think you got that computer sex club in nipton california called "lakamemory" or the other one called "lakabandwidth.

Breather: 1d/1ds/5d/5dii model shoot, great images :-)

Some folks are just willing to wait longer than others. I have been planning to capture all the photos off this thread and place them in my album. It's on the list. Now I see it!!! Thank you Jesus! This afternoon I don't see'em. This evening I see'em.

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women sex bar las jacksonville Must be a miracle. How can it be lack of memory when I got fiftysomethin' of them Giggabites I ain't never used, waitin' right there on a brand new hard drive? Bandwidth, well I don't know how much of that I got, nor how to git some more if I need it.

But now I see the pichers! Beautiful Families!!

Lets step up to the plate!! Let's see them pichers! Don't know that you've female supremacy forum us together in a pic or not. Gotta love those digital cameras. Nice photo Sonnie.

Looks cool. C'mon everyone else! This is a great excuse to shoot a new family photo! Dave, it's a gold-leafed screen, camera flash hit it. Wish the red wall showed better. Nice pic, Sonnie Well, hell, I thought Jack was marry with you, Ms. What's the que pasa here? How come huge tits stripping git marry with somebody else?

Cami's gorgeous, telford gentlemens club you say pretty smile? Now thats a purty lady queen ; All those trivial facts stored up in her head and a looker to boot. Ya sure can pick em John :. We didn't pick Cami. Cami picked us. Why, I don't know. Sonnie, Since you didn't offer a comeback, I'm thinking my humor was lost on you, so I take it back. You're pretty, too, amigo.

Cami, for once somebody looks like the mental image. Una ora molto bella. I see no reason to let this one get buried right away its a keeper. Howard and Bob Camp come to mind. Umm JC, Bri, stullis I know I'm missing a bunch. dating site trial

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Let's make a list and start bugging these folks! I've been busy cooking, John. I completely understand your reference to derrigible. I could paint a bedroom in that time I still don't unnerstan why Jack purple diamond gentlemens club memphis to have another wedding.

My 50d shoots la/beverly hills/beaches and to (pics inc. swimsuits)

Don't nobody never 'splain me nothin' around here. CX wouldn't know a nice picher if it fell on his head. Dave, RJ Your kids are adorable.

Kelly, do ya really think Jack's going to find two women that will let him go hunting for a month? Well, that would be only two weeks each.

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Yeah, he should be able to find that easily enough. John B He's sending pics via snail mail, which is fine, long as he doesn't "forget"; someone check around WHO Else we missing?

Our new persons

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Thanks for the kind words NM.

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We have booked 2 nights at Legoland and 4 nights at the Hilton in JB.

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We've tested what the camera offers to see who it might make sense for.

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Ladies, you've found the Sealed Section.

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You're not crazy, Wayne.