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Name: Carlynn

How old am I: 34
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Let Huggies give you a guiding hand through your 9 months of pregnancy sex club md practical tools, articles, tips and advice to help you along your path to motherhood. Huggies Forum Forum Help.

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Welcome Active Popular Browse. Posted Thursday 09 October pm.

Pregnancy week by best uk dating websites Baby shower games Cramps in early pregnancy hCG smoking ladies forum chart. Mellygrub SA, Australia Total posts: Luckily i have quit for 2 years now I know a few people who are really struggling with giving up and one friend who is still smoking 3 a day while pregnant Maybe try the quit help line, if you're having trouble or do see you're Dr. They say that it can effect the baby alot maybe look on net and i know they say they normally are small birth weights, and they don't grow as well and can get adhd is it?

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For every one smoke you have it takes your unborn baby 1hr to recover. I smoked before being pregnant and still feel like the occassional one, but that information is enough for me to quit. Sex match sites Member.

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I did a test adn went out side for a smoke while I waited for the other line!! I smoked for a while as I was in denyal I smoked for 12 years adn drank heavily I know of two people who gave birth at 26 weeks Although I angeles city sault ste marie bar girls been in your situation - not a smoker - my sister is and she smoked thru her whole pregnancy.

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Her Dr told her to cut down because she was having trouble giving up altogether, and he was also worried as the baby can actually suffer withdrawals too. Her baby was born very underweight at 5pd 7oz and he was full term. I agree with the other ladies, if smoking ladies forum can't quit, then at least cut it back, a healthy baby is soooo worth it! Hi colombian dating sites free Unfortunately I am very anti smoking.

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If your going to have a baby then you owe your child the best possible start in life, by being healthly and trying every possible avenue to quit. I'm not sure if the patches are safe in pregnancy, but worth looking into. If you smoke. One other risk factor no one has mentioned is SIDS!!!! okcupid dating site search

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A couple of the ladies mentioned low birth weight, with that there's risk's involved. I had a low birth weight baby, I have never smoked jaipur sex club didn't drink during pregnancy or breast feeding. He had lots of problems after being born and was in special care, which didn't help me to bond with him.

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He was 2. I have read about chiang mai dating site between low birth weight babies and Autism, usually not diagnosised until the age of 2. My son has Autism and developmental delay, which could possibly change to and intellectual imparement after his cognitive assessment.

He is now 8yrs old and still in nappies for night and 2's.

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Also having baby early, there is a risk of other disabilities. Its not easy looking after with a disability its a huge strain not only mentally but monatry wise also. My father in law lives in the granny flat attached to the house and has smoked for been naughty casual hookup site 40yrs.

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I get so annoyed when his smoke comes anywhere near the house or me and the boys. When you look at second hand smoke, Its lists of dating sites as bad as smoking, because its not filtered. I get so angry and sad when I see babies and little children stuck in a car with a parent smoking. Everyone has the right to breath in fresh air no matter what their age.

Do you see young women smoking?

I didn't write this reply to offend anyone, this is just my opinion so I hope no one is offended and cam girls strip information I have learned about why smoking is a no, no in pregnancy and around smoking ladies forum after birth. Wishing you all a healthy happy baby They will be able to provide you with correct information and ways to give up. Good luck smile. One of the biggest effects smoking while pregnant has is on your placenta. If you compare a healthy placenta to one of a woman who smokes, gentlemen club seattle will notice the differences straight away.

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Smoker's placentas are much smaller than a healthy one, and are grey and marbled prague sex club, almost looks like a piece of off, festery meat. A baby is unable to be nourished adequetely with nutrients, blood, and oxygen, if the placenta cannot function properly. This le to so many problems with the baby - small birth weights, poor heart and lung development, trouble breathing, etc.

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The best thing you can do, is obviously quit, but if you're struggling, try and cut down as much as you can. Good luck!

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Posted Friday 10 October am. I know a few people who have smoke all through dating sites turkey pregancies, one mum has a kid who has autism smoking ladies forum that spelt right? Giving up smoking is extremely polyamory dating website reviews however I think the purpose of your post is to hear from others that smoked during pregnancy that their baby is fine - that does not however mean that your baby will be fine.

Can you picture yourself giving a newborn baby a cigarette to smoke because that is what you are doing if you smoke whilst pregnant.

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It can be hard to register there is a baby inside you but maybe a good motivator to help you quit is to look at various pics of babies orange county sex clubs the womb that are available on the web

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Have started the countdown to my trip to Iran in April, can't wait!

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